18.06.2014 (Wednesday) 7 p,m.
Jewish Culture and Education Centre
Pod Białym Bocianem Synagogue
ul. Włodkowca 5a, Wrocław

ACTORS OF neTTheatre: Paweł Passini, Daniel Moński, Beata Passini, Joanna Kaczmarek oraz
special guest - Łukasz Walewski from Centre of Performing Arts MITOS.


Cultural Centre from Lublin City
Bente Kahan Foundation (FBK)
Jewish Community of Wroclaw
"Studia Bliskowschodnie" Academic Magazine.

Enjoy the "Songs of Our Neighbors" multimedia concert at the Jewish Culture and Education Centre in the White Stork Synagogue in Wroclaw, which will take place June 18, 2014 , at. 7 p.m. During the concert will be presented songs and melodies as a reminiscent of the multicultural, Polish- Jewish neighborhood.The concert will be performed by artists from neTTheatre - Pawel Passini, Daniel Moński, Beata Passini, Joanna Kaczmarek and special guest - Luke Walewski from the Centre of Performing Arts MITOS of Cyprus.

An integral part of the show will be visuals prepared by Maria Porzyc based on materials collected during her field research concerning the hiding of Jews by Poles during the II WW. In addition, the concert will be accompanied by a brief account of these studies prepared by Dr. Patricia Dołowy.
The prelude to the concert will be the presentation of Elena Agathokleous from MITOS (Cyprus) on the 'Songs of My Neighbours' European Art Project, which is an integral part of the concert.

"Songs of Our Neighbors" concert is a part of the "Songs of My Neihgbours" European Theater Project implemented by the three artistic groups from Poland, Cyprus and Italy. In each of the countries have been carried out field research on multicultural neighborhood: the Polish-Jewish, Cypriot-Turkis and Italian-Roma. Numerous cultural events were organized for local communities of Cyprus, Italy and Poland (concerts, shows and presentations).

The project has been funded with support from the European Commission.


Musicians: Paweł Passini, Beata Passini, Daniel Moński, Joanna Kaczmarek, Łukasz Walewski,
Visualizations: Maria Porzyc,
Audio-vizual presentation: Patrycja Dołowy,
Consultation: Aleksandra Wilczura,
Coordination: Łukasz Wójtowicz,
Presentation of EU project: Elena Agathokleous.


Centre of Performing Arts MITOS from Lemesos (Cyprus),
Teatro Astragali from Lecce (Italy),
Jewish Community of Wrocław,
Museum of History of Polish Jews in Warsaw,
Lublin City
Projekt co-sponsored by Municipality of Wroclaw (Gmina Wroclaw)

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