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Our external reviewers: Paulina Niechciał, Marcin Rzepka et al.


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Dominika Dawidowicz, Branka Dimitrieva, Katarzyna Gorgoń, Mariusz Kalandyk, Maciej Kasprzyk, Natalia Nadkańska, Piotr Niziński, Daniel Płatek


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During 2008-2012 the “Studia Bliskowschodnie-The Middle East Studies” Academic Magazine had been released thanks to the financial support of the Doctoral Student Association of the Jagiellonian University – Towarzystwo Doktorantów Uniwersytetu Jagielońskiego. Since 2012 the "Studia BliskowschodnieThe Middle East Studies" has been published as an independent magazine thans to private founds of its editors. From 2014 the magazine is also published in EBOOK form.

We encorage you to submit your academic papers for the next edition of "Studia Bliskowschodnie-The Middle East Studies" Academic Magazine 1 (9) 2016, which will be released in June 2016.

This time the theme this time the main theme will be Syria and the Islamic State.

Future themes of the magazine:

No. 2 (10) 2016, September 2016 - Main theme: Maghreb.

Moreover, in "Studia Bliskowschodnie" are published peer-reviewed academic articles, polemics, translations and book reviews that relate to the broader Middle East in terms of:
- Linguistic and Literary,
- Geographical and Sightseeing,
- Historical,
- Cultural,
- Political,
- Social,
- Religious (including religious Middle Eastern minorities in diaspora),
- Media,
- Economic.

Deadline for submitting texts: 30 October 2015.

The editorial requirements for authors:

- we accept texts from 5 to 25 pages long, Times Roman 12, interline 1, footnotes at the bottom of each page type 9, format .doc and .docx
- Abstract and title of the article in English/Polish or other European language different than the lnguage of the article at the end of the text (150-200 words)
- A short academic biography on the author's - academic interests, affiliations, ect.
- In the footnotes use records and Latin abbreviations: ibidem, ibid, idem, op. cit (not Polish/English: here, there, find, thereof, ed. pronounced)
- Do not give the names of publishing houses
- Titles of books, articles write cursive
- Titles of magazines in print straight and in quotes
- Simplified Polish transcription of foreign names for BR Zagorski - see. Arabic names in Polish geography and cartography against the international practice, "Polish Review of Cartography", Vol 4, No. 4, 1972, pp. 157-164.
- Footnotes to the websites complete with a date of reading in brackets and dot at the end eg. http://www.studiabliskowschodnie.pl/ (accessed: 20.12.2013).

Process of reviewing articles:

Evaluation of each article consist of at least two independent reviewers from outside the research unit affiliated by the author of the article.
- The author or authors of the article and reviewers do not know their identityies (double-blind review process) ; in other cases, the reviewer shall sign a declaration of no conflict of interest, the conflict of interest occurs between the reviewer and the author in direct personal relationships (in particular kinship, marriage, ect.).
- Written review contains explicit request for publication or rejection of the reviewed article.
- The names of reviewers of individual publications or editions are not disclosed".
- Decision of the author about publication in "Studia Bliskowschodnie-Middle East Studies" is tantamount wih his/her agreement for archiving his/her articles in electronic open journal databases and repositories.
- Manuscripts submitted for "Studia Bliskowschodnie-Middle East Studies" should be a result of original research, honestly and fair presenting the results of independent work and does not infringe the copyrights of other people and their legal and material interests within the meaning of Polish Act
on Copyright and related dated on February 4, 1994  (Polish Journal of Laws No. 24, point 83) . Authors should highlight properly the potential contribution of other people to theirs articles.
- Detecting signs of scientific misconduct (ghostwriting and guest authorship) will automaticly disqualify the author and his/her article.


A Review of the Article offered to the "Studia Bliskowschodnie-Middle East Studies" Academic Magazine

Title of the Article : ___________________________________________________________
The author's name (known only to the Editors): _________________________________
Reviewer's name (known only to the Editors): ___________________________________

A. The overall assessment of the text (please mark "x " the correct answer):
[ ] Article may be accepted in its current form;
[ ] Article may be accepted after correction with the proposed changes:

[ ] After which it must be re-reviewed once again;
[ ] After which it does not need to be reviewed again;
[ ] The subject matter does not fall within the scope of areas covered by the review, the article should be move to chapter (please specify):
[ ] Main Theme of the Edition;
[ ] History-Politics-Economy;
[ ] Society-Culture-Religion;
[ ] Philosophy-Literature-Arts;
[ ] Varia;
[ ] Cannot be accepted to the "Studia Bliskowschodnie-Middle East Studies" Academic Magazine as a scientific text because it does not meet the criteria of scientificity.

B. Disadvantages of the text:
1 [ ] is not sufficiently clear;
2 [ ] delivered opinions that are not sufficiently justified;
3 [ ] does not take into account the important literature on the subject;
4 [ ] does not bring anything new to the research;
5 [ ] uses works of other authors in not acceptable manner ;
6 [ ] is too long and / or contains unnecessary footnotes ;
7 [ ] is incorrect in terms of language;
8 [ ] is incorrect in terms of typographics;
9 [ ] its title does not reflect adequately the content;
10 [ ] in summary/abstract there is not enough information.

C. Reasons of these opinions or additional comments:

D. Proposed changes:

E. Detailed ratings (please enter the scores 0 , 1, 2 or 3):
1 in terms of clarity and argumentative text : [ ]
2 in terms of erudite accuracy (ie the consideration of important literature) : [ ]
3 in terms of originality of its content : [ ]
4 in terms of linguistic correctness : [ ]

Date and signature of the reviewer

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